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Real Estate Auction Services

  • We handle multi-parcel and single-parcel properties
  • Uniquely tailored marketing strategy for residential , farms ,commercial and raw land real estate
  • Comprehensive due diligence information bid package to assist potential buyers
  • Open houses or private showings conducted by our professional staff (This eliminates numerous and unscheduled showings).
  • Experience with multi-parcel bid auctions, a technique to maximize bids from all potential bidders
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Real Estate Auction Services

Auction Marketing Campaign

Our auction marketing campaign consists of several important tools to maximize the exposure for your property. We can use all of the tools described below or only a few depending on the seller's needs and marketing budget.

  1. Direct Mail - targeted mailing with postcards or flyers
    (please note - special mailing lists can be purchased for an additional fee)
  2. Print Media - local and regional newspapers
  3. Trade Media - listings in auction and real estate trade papers and magazines
  4. Internet - our website will showcase your property and educate potential buyers
  5. E-mail - we can send an "email blast" to a targeted list of potential buyers
  6. Signage - bright, bold and easy to read
  7. Property Information - A due diligence bid package specifically designed for your property
  8. Property Inspections - an "open house" scheduled at your convenience

Why Choose the Auction Method to Sell Your Real Estate?

Creative Solutions

Ziegler Auction Company offers creative solutions and alternatives to solving the specific challenges of your real estate. For example, properties in need of extensive renovation can often be sold more quickly at auction than through conventional means.

Auctions Work

The increasing popularity of real estate auctions can be attributed to one fact - they work. In more and more cases, a real estate auction will yield a much higher selling price in a shorter period of time than traditional brokerage.

Shorter Marketing & Settlement Period

Selling your property via auction is more convenient for the seller. The expedited nature of the marketing campaign and means the seller receives funds from the sale sooner than with a traditional brokerage approach. A shorter settlement period allows sellers to take full advantage of settlement funds for otherwise lost opportunities.

Highly Desirable Properties Do Well at Auction

Contrary to popular belief, the best properties to sell at auction are in highly desirable neighborhoods where many people aspire to own real estate.

Higher Returns

Traditionally a broker lists a property for what they expect the owner to receive. Buyers then make low counteroffers to determine what the seller will really take. This results in the property being on the market for a longer period of time or selling quickly (because the property was undervalued). Under the Traditional Method, the list price is always negotiated down, whereas under the Auction Method, the auction price is the highest price the top competing bidder will pay. Auctions allow buyers to bid more than the listing price, often resulting in higher returns for the seller.

Real Estate Auction Services

Want to get a great return on your real estate? Contact Zieglar Auction Company to put our experience to work for you!

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